After moving to Alaska in 2012, Ryan and Emily knew the state had amazing small batch, specialty food products having encountered many good eats during their travels around the Alaska. But, when it became time to send some high-quality Alaskan-made gifts to friends and family throughout the US, they couldn't easily track down those tasty treats. Figuring that others - tourists and locals alike - were looking for the same thing, Alaska Artisanal was born.

Scouring the entire state Ryan and Emily curate unique, Alaskan, and most importantly, great tasting food. They search farmers' markets, unique shops, and small marketplaces for wholesome, gourmet-quality Alaskan products grown and made by skilled Alaskan artisans. From there, they group complementary products for any occasion, often sourced from their own daily eating rituals.

However, Alaska Artisanal is not just a gift box company: it's a belief that all food has a story. When you eat something, you should know where it's from, who made it, who harvested it, who grew it. Each artisan's story is included within every gift box, as well as here on our website.

If you have any comments about our products, things you would like to see, or if you made something great and want to share it with us (we love photos!), then please send us a note on our contact page - we'd love to hear from you. Thank you, and here's to good eating, Alaska-style!

Ryan and Storm, an Alaskan Husky Mix